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What are the symptoms, causes and treatment of severe sadness? How can it be separated from ordinary grief?

Every person passes or passes in a state of sadness, which can be severe, like a vortex that you take with it, so this person tries to get out of it, but he feels as if he was stuck trying and tries to treat severe grief, but without benefit, and we are here to get to know you more about this situation and when actually the person is In which.


What is the state of severe grief, and what is its difference from normal grief or depression? What are the symptoms that accompany it, causes and complications? How can severe grief be cured permanently and out of this cycle? Here’s all of that.

What is the state of extreme sadness?

When a person is exposed to a trauma or disappointment, when a loved one loses a close relative or something precious and important and other reasons, there is a natural reaction, which is the feeling of sadness, in short, it is a natural feeling that everyone has experienced.

The degree of sadness varies according to the cause and the different person and his ability to drown in bouts of sadness, but it transforms to a greater degree when the reason behind it is already great, and grief is severe when it extends for a long time and the person is not able to get out of this situation that negatively affects him.

The difference between normal sadness and severe sadness

Sadness as a whole is the psychological state that a person goes through after experiencing a trauma, calamity, loss of something or a dear person, or loss and other things, and feeling light, medium and severe sadness is completely normal and the severity of this feeling depends on the reason behind it.

So let us agree that sadness is normal, but it becomes severe and unnatural when it extends for a long period of time more than a week or two and when it directly affects a person’s life so that he cannot do the daily and normal life activities, his productivity decreases a lot in addition to that he is unable to change this psychological state as well. If only he was completely stuck in it.

The difference between sadness and depression

The difference between sadness and depression

Natural sadness and intense sadness occurs after exposure to a stimulus that led to income in this case, although it is very similar to depression, and besides that severe sadness can turn into depression or be a symptom of depression, there is a difference.

Depression is a real disease that affects brain chemistry, hormones, and psychological state, and needs treatment and follow-up by a specialist in most cases, and it is distinguished from sadness in that the state of depression or a bout of depression does not need a stimulus for a person to enter it, and depression extends for very long periods ranging from two weeks to two years and more. From that (depending on the type of depression).

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Symptoms of extreme sadness

In fact, the grieving person knows this perfectly well knows that he is going through a bad psychological state that is extremely painful, in addition to that, this condition is associated with a group of symptoms, the most important of which are:

  • The inability to communicate in all its forms, if the communication is on the ground or in the pages and websites of communication.
  • Feeling of loneliness and emptiness Despite the presence of people in the ocean, this feeling is still there.
  • Trying to get out of this situation but not being able to as if the person was completely stuck.
  • Disturbances in appetite that can be in the form of overeating or severe lack of appetite.
  • Sleep disturbances and also can be in the form of excessive or insomnia, inability to sleep or interrupted sleep.
  • The inability to carry out business and daily activities, which has negative consequences on a person’s economic and health life.
  • Loss of concentration and decreased memory.

What are the reasons behind the state of extreme sadness?

What are the reasons behind the state of extreme sadness?

There are many reasons that lead to entering into a state of normal grief, such as losing something or experiencing a trauma or problem and other things, and depending on the degree of this reason, the degree of sadness may vary and turn into severe grief and last for a long time without the person’s ability to get out of it, such as the loss of a person Too dear, get sick, or lose a lot of things.

There are also some people who are more vulnerable than others to entering into a state of extreme sadness, depending on the person’s genetic and psychological factors, in addition to raising them, such as being exposed to psychological or physical violence during their childhood in addition to the role of the surrounding community and others.

Complications of severe grief

The person experiencing this condition and the people around him should never be underestimated by the cases of grief and depression, and the matter needs a lot of awareness because there are many complications and consequences that accompany it, which increase in severity if the treatment of severe grief is neglected, the most important of which is :

  • Negative impact on a person’s social and economic life.
  • Loss of self-confidence and feeling constantly frustrated.
  • Indifference to reality and its rejection.
  • A person may attempt suicide.
  • Physical diseases reflected due to the psychological state.
  • Severe depression or persistent depression.

Treating severe grief

Treating severe grief

We have reached the most important part, which is the treatment of severe grief and the method by which it is possible to get out of this feeling and prevent its control over you, and it depends on two things: the first is treatment by the specialist, and the second is through 7 things that include improvement in the psychological state.

doctor consultation


When is it necessary to consult a specialist to deal with this condition and treat severe grief? This is necessary when the symptoms last longer than 10 days or two weeks, or if the symptoms are severe and severe that greatly affect the patient’s life.

How is the diagnosis made? It is carried out by following up the patient’s condition and obtaining information from him and the people close to him about the duration of the state of extreme sadness, when it began, the nature of the symptoms and the reason behind it, in addition to the family history of depression and sadness, and he also follows the treatment sessions and prescribes the appropriate medication.

Treating severe grief

It is indispensable to follow the doctor who specializes in the treatment of severe grief, but the following 7 things can make a big difference in the psychological state in addition to alleviating the disturbing symptoms, as it is a way to prevent other cases of severe grief.

1 – Find your happiness

When feeling happiness for you is a thing related to others or a specific thing, and when you link your comfort to someone or something, make sure that your psychological state is not safe because the possibility of losing people and things in addition to being disappointed with them is a possibility, and by this you expose yourself to extreme sadness.

So you have to give everything and every person its appropriate place in your heart and mind, but happiness and comfort are inside you.

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2 – You must deal with the cause

Because this condition is not like depression, the person experiences it as a result of some cause. The most effective treatment for severe grief is by dealing with the cause, but how?

When the cause is simple, it can be changed or controlled, then the treatment is very easy, but when the cause is death or great loss, etc. Beware of clinging to your head and tying your cape to anything else except inside of you.

3 – Understand the extreme sadness and the situation you are going through

Understanding this condition means that you are aware of it and the symptoms you are experiencing, which is the first and most important step in treatment. As for understanding, most importantly, you must understand the cause and deal with it as in the previous step.

You may think that understanding the symptoms will not be that important, but it is very effective in overcoming them and preventing them from controlling you, especially those that affect your life the most, it will be easy to skip them all.

4 – Treating severe grief by crying

Crying may be useless or have negative consequences on the psychological state, but it can be a treatment for severe grief and a treatment with great effectiveness, when is it? It is a treat when you cry to release all the anger, annoyance and negative emotions.

How can this be achieved? This is possible by sitting in a place on your own, and then thinking about the things that cause you this sadness, and crying with the feeling that you are emptying them all and taking out all that bother you with this crying, and you will feel a lot of comfort later.

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5 – Doing various activities

One of the most important symptoms of grief is the person’s inability to do normal and various activities and activities, but the treatment of severe grief is to do them, so that you forget grief a little and occupy yourself, in addition to the most important thing which is overcoming sadness.

In the beginning, you will find some difficulties, but soon, you will feel better and that you are better and able to control things. Start with the works and activities that you love and then to those that benefit you and increase your experience so that you feel that you have gained more knowledge and experience.

6 – Provide assistance to others

Happiness is one of the things that increases with its participation and we get it when we present it, and therefore you can get a lot of it beyond your feeling of sadness by providing help to others or volunteering and doing various work for children or the elderly, for example.

Besides feeling happy and comfortable, there is a wonderful feeling that you will experience, which is satisfaction and that your value in front of yourself has increased, so you can devote one or more days per week to providing help, and help is not always voluntary work, so helping your colleagues or friends with various things can give you a good feeling.

7 – Talk to someone you trust

When you talk to someone you trust, you will feel a big difference as if the intense sadness is a mountain on your chest choking and then displaced, on the other hand this person can have, from his point of view, a solution that you did not reach, or he can offer you help And he helps you until you overcome this sadness.

You may have already searched a lot and want to find a solution to this condition and want to treat severe grief completely and quickly, in fact, just looking for a treatment means that you have passed the most important stages and means that you are already close to getting rid of this condition.



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