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What is e-marketing? And what are his tools? What are the tasks of its specialists?

What’s the online markiting? E-marketing includes all marketing, advertising and promotional efforts that take place on electronic devices and the Internet for various forms of services, products, goods and activities, and the use of appropriate tools and channels to reach customers, customers and the public of all kinds.



In addition to knowing their desires, studying their needs, and studying the market in general, through these tools, in order to achieve a better marketing process and thus better results represented by more sales and more profit. As achieving profit is the primary goal of any marketing process, whether using e-marketing or other types of marketing.

In recent years, with the increase in the use of the Internet and its dependence on various aspects of the professional and personal life and in the business world, electronic marketing has come to mean any marketing process that takes place over the Internet. In the following lines, we will learn about the forms and types of e-marketing, the tools used in each of them, and how the marketing processes are carried out through it.

What’s the online markiting?

As we indicated in the introduction, with the increase in the use of the Internet and dependence on it in various aspects of daily life, the concept of e-marketing has emerged, as the use of electronic means increased, whether for the purposes of communication, information exchange or documentation, and thus people spend the bulk of their time using these tools and as a result of that Marketers are turning to these marketing tools to get more attention.

Thus, e-marketing can be defined as the set of tools, techniques and channels that are used to communicate with customers and customers in the right time and place, using the correct technological and technical tools.

Types of e-marketing

The types of electronic marketing differ according to the tools and marketing channel used for each type, some of which are free and some of which are paid, and each of them needs the type of expertise and skills necessary to implement the marketing process through it.

Marketing using social media platforms

It is the type of electronic marketing that is using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other other communication platforms, and in this type of marketing it can be free marketing or paid marketing if a person needs large marketing campaigns and a high reach. This type requires some experience as well as skill in using the specific platform and how to reach the right audience.

Search engine marketing

Search engines, the most famous of which are Google, are also used in e-marketing such as social media platforms, and here, too, you can rely on free access and therefore free marketing, and here you need some experience, effort and time to prove yourself with that, or you can search through the search engine in a paid manner.

This type of marketing depends on configuring the company’s website or any other commercial activity to get a good ranking in the search engine results, and thus the appearance of the company’s name and website, for example, for more users and better to ensure that some users become customers of the company.

Email marketing

Perhaps this is one of the oldest forms of e-marketing among all the types that exist today, as it was used before and is still used today in the processes of promoting new products, promoting events and activities, announcing exclusive offers and discounts, promoting the website of the commercial activity, and so on. Basics of merchandising.

Email marketing depends on knowing the emails of customers and customers and then using them to communicate with them, displaying and promoting products, services and various activities within the messages that are sent to the emails of users.

What's the online markiting?  What are its tools?  What are the tasks of the specialists in it?

Marketing per click

Pay per click, or PPC for short, is marketing campaigns in which payment is limited to cases where the user clicks on the website link only and does not pay for the mere appearance of the advertisement, and the most popular tools used in this type of marketing are Google Adwords. There is also a type of ads or promotion methods similar to this type of marketing on the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn platforms.

Content Marketing


It is intended by the content that is produced for various marketing purposes such as branding, attracting more attention to the business, attracting visitors to the website, and attracting new customers. It includes the content that can be used in this type of videos, articles, brochures, infographics and brochures, and various e-marketing channels can be used to promote this content, whether paid or free.

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Affiliate Marketing

It is the form of marketing that a person or entity performs for the benefit of a second party in exchange for the first party obtaining a commission in exchange for the sales that take place through it. That you market.

Affiliate marketing is not limited to individuals, as affiliate marketing can be done by placing links within websites, in accounts on social media platforms, or in videos.

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These are the main types of e-marketing and the tools that are used in each type of course in addition to the other well-known types like TV ads and mobile ads.

Of course, each of these forms has its own characteristics and features, as well as its disadvantages and positives, in addition to some requirements for working in it. Some marketing activities use a mixture of these types and others are limited to one or two types, depending on the need and the location of the target audience.

What does an e-marketing specialist do?

What's the online markiting?

E-marketing officer is a person who carries out marketing operations using the various types of e-marketing and its tools that we have mentioned above, whether in its paid or free form. Usually the marketing officer undertakes a specific marketing strategy on each of the platforms that the company uses or uses, and therefore each platform has specific goals, plans and tools to measure the company’s marketing performance.

In companies and at small and limited entities, there is usually a marketing specialist who handles all the marketing operations of the company, while in large companies with multiple responsibilities, they usually have an entire team specialized in marketing that manages all forms of marketing operations.

But it is often difficult to find a marketing specialist who works on all platforms and in different types, but the marketing specialist is in one of the following forms:

SEO Manager

Or a search engine marketing official, who assumes responsibilities such as managing the website and marketing it in the search engines to get a good ranking in the search results, in addition to increasing the rate of visits to the site and ensuring that these visitors are attracted to be customers of the company or organization.

Social Media Manager

Or a social media marketing official, who is the person who handles marketing operations in various social media platforms, as well as communicating with customers, clients and the public through these platforms and determining the general image of the company and the brand through it.

Email Marketing Manager

Or an e-mail marketing official, here the person handles the processes of communicating with customers via e-mail, and among the tasks that he performs is to write attractive and marketing e-mails that ensure that users interact with them, promote the company’s products and services through those messages, follow up on users ’interaction with messages and analyze data to measure results the work.

Thus, we conclude that each type of e-marketing has specialists who handle marketing operations in it, and it is difficult for a person to personally handle all types of marketing operations, because each type requires a form of expertise and skills that differ from the requirements of another type.

To be so, we answered the question, What is e-marketing? What are its types and tools? How is it done?

It is noteworthy that electronic marketing has become today the most popular and used among all other types, due to its great benefits that are not available in the traditional form of marketing.

E-marketing through which results can be measured more accurately and effectively, it is possible to reach a wide audience of customers and customers at lower costs than traditional marketing, and to know the returns of marketing operations directly and in real time, in addition to the ease of accessing and using data which is not available in other forms of marketing.


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