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What is narcissistic personality and what are the most important things about it?



All people want to gain a sense of confidence and their repeated attempt to reach success, and this is necessary to reach the required development, but we all know that everything that goes beyond its limit will be turned against it.


Increased confidence and excessive self-love breeds a narcissistic personality that causes constant annoyance to the people around them.

What is a narcissistic personality, why does it occur, how can it be dealt with, and the most important symptoms that indicate its presence ??

All of these things about the narcissistic personality you will find explained below.

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What is a narcissistic personality?

The most characteristic of the narcissistic personality is excessive vanity and self-love. The narcissistic personality finds itself very distinct from the rest of the other personalities, and feels as if it is the focus of life, and it also enjoys excessive envy towards others.

Some traits in the narcissistic personality may be present in most people, but the difference is their exaggeration and exaggeration, which is what causes the appearance of the narcissistic personality.

What are the causes of narcissistic personality?

The narcissistic personality is closely related to mental disorders, and so are diseases that cannot be directly determined. There are many factors that cause their emergence, the most important of which are:

Hereditary factor

If one of the parents has a narcissistic personality, then you may develop a narcissistic personality, so if you see some traits that indicate the presence of a narcissistic personality, you must control it and treat it before it is too late.

Environmental factors

It is meant by environmental factors such as the things that the individual is exposed to since childhood, for example: excessive indulgence of the child may very help their occurrence, and the child’s exposure to specific events, such as neglect and hatred, may cause him to have a reaction to the love of himself and the hate of the people around him and trying to belittle them .

Are there specific traits that can indicate a narcissistic personality?

Of course, there are many evidences that can easily point to the narcissistic personality. The narcissistic personality is characterized by:

Not accepting criticism

The narcissistic personality cannot accept criticism, no matter what kind, she sees herself as that no one can criticize her, because she will already see you only less than her, so how can she allow you to criticize her.

If the narcissistic personality is criticized, it will try to justify that criticism into things that are essentially nonexistent and irrational.

Remember the narcissistic personality feels radiant, powerful and attractive, and it is difficult to find someone better than her. This is how the narcissist thinks.

Underestimating others

Most of the time the narcissistic personality resorts to belittling others, especially if it is discussed by people who have strength and attraction as well, then it will not be able to bear itself, so it sometimes resorts to sarcasm and insults, and it may end up that the other person backs down from his position.

Exaggerate her accomplishments

Any work that the narcissist does, she will begin to talk about it and glorify it in an exaggerated manner, as she resort to lying and glorifying herself in front of those around her, for example: If you talk about the field of work, you will find that she only talks about her position, brilliance and magnificence at work.

Excessive self-love

The most characteristic of a narcissistic personality is her extremely excessive self-love, as she admires herself in all respects, externally, internally, and behaviorally.

Most people with grandeur and excessive ostentation are narcissistic.

Inability to socialize

The narcissistic personality is difficult to form strong relationships, as her bullying and arrogant personality makes the people around her unable to accept her.

Other qualities

  • Love of discernment.
  • Thirsting for constant admiration and constant praise.
  • The constant belief that she is only worth associating with an amazing person.
  • Insist on getting the best.
  • Exploiting the people around her to meet her needs and desires.

How do you deal with the narcissistic personality?

In fact, it is difficult to deal with this arrogant personality, the reason: the inability to change it, rather the opposite. If you resort to the method of sarcasm, this will turn into severe anger, as the narcissistic personality thinks that you insult the beautiful and distinguished personality.

Also, never resort to tolerating her or playing the role of a mentor to her father or mother, as this will make her feel excessive pressure towards you.

Some people may think that there are some things that may help you deal with a narcissistic personality, the most important of which are:

Creating a strong consciousness

Creating a strong feeling between you and the narcissist may help you deal with it, but you need to be very careful in choosing which sentences to give.

Resorting to a strong team

Resorting to several people may help to deal with the narcissistic personality, as the proposal of an idea by a group of people may make it somewhat acceptable to the narcissist, but it must be neutral, so if he feels that she feels inferior to him, then it will not work.

Can a narcissistic personality be treated?

Treating a narcissistic personality is almost impossible, because the doctor or person who will treat it does not see it as important, and this causes great difficulty in solving this.

Most people with narcissism are difficult to convince that they are narcissistic, and rather believe that they are depressed, and medications for depression cannot cure the narcissistic personality.

The good news is that with age, the level of narcissism decreases. This is confirmed by Professor of Psychology at the University of Illinois Brent Roberts, who said, “Narcissism decreases dramatically as we age,” and many studies have confirmed that the elderly are less narcissistic compared to the young.

last word

The narcissistic personality is a phenomenon that spreads very widely, especially after the world has reached what it is now, in addition to the emergence of social media that has caused the development of narcissism in some people.

Self-love and a sense of confidence is very important to reach the peaks of success, but excessive self-love, belittling others and exaggerating any work whatever it is, I do not think that it will lead you to the peaks of success, rather the opposite will make the matter worse.

Do not try to change the narcissistic personality, the reason: your soul will become tired and your psyche will be aggravated, in addition to the development of narcissism among people with it, but you can try if you want, but the attempt is not persistence.




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