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What is the origin of Arabic perfumes and how are they used?


The manufacture of Arab perfumes is an integral part of the Arab culture. There have been Arab perfumes that have captivating and unique scents that have existed since prehistoric times in the Arab region. These exotic fragrances, which carry a touch of local traditions and luxury, constitute a strong competitor to the brands of different Western perfume companies available all over the world.

Arab perfumes in the Middle East topped the global and local list with a strong and attractive aroma, as the United Arab Emirates is considered one of the best countries in the Middle East that manufactures Arabic perfumes rich in good scents.

What is the distinctive Arab fragrance

Let’s start by getting to know what the Arabic perfume is, let’s first take a quick look at some types of Arab perfumes that carry a strong and aromatic smell and contain materials extracted from jasmine, amber, musk and oud, where oud is known as a wood perfume that is used by placing it on the skin or is also evaporated to spread the scent In the atmosphere or in clothes, incense is a mixture of various perfumes that are evaporated and burned in places such as homes or shopping centers, especially in the Middle East .

Perfumes are made by mixing them manually with oils belonging to different types of flowers as well as some types of spices, as for their manufacture in the United Arab Emirates, this is done through automatic units and integrated factories after careful selection of pure aromatic oils, which leads to their efficient filling in bottles through machines. Perfumery is actually art and taste,

Here, dear reader, are some tips that can make the perfume smell strong and last long.

What are the best tips for using Arabic perfumes?

It is important to know the amount of perfume that you should use, as Arab perfumes are very strong in their smell that lasts for a long time compared to Western perfumes, so you must first check the concentration of the perfume by spraying the perfume once and then spraying the perfume two to three times until you get the smell Required, and it varies depending on the type and concentration of perfume you will use.

And if you want to have a long-lasting perfume, it is better to put or spray your perfume on the wrists, behind the ears, or behind the knees, as spraying the perfume in these places will make the fragrance smell good for a long time.

It is usual for people to spray perfume after wearing their clothes completely, but it is not a good habit to spray and use perfumes, so in order to obtain the desired scent that lasts all day through Arabic perfumes, the perfume must be sprayed before wearing clothes and jewelry, and in this way you will enjoy a strong smell for a longer period in addition to Protect your jewelry from being stained.

It is worth noting that during the regular use of the same perfume, the scent of the perfume will blend well with the smell of your body, and your scent will become after spraying the perfume distinctive and different from the smell of anyone who uses the same perfume as yours, so spraying the perfume within a few days and regularly will make the fragrance smell strong on you.

One of the most influencing factors on the strength of the fragrance and its good smell is the shelf life of the perfume, so old perfumes on the dressing table used for display in connections or perfumes that were not properly stored will not give a strong scent, so be sure to keep perfumes in a cool and dry place.

The most important Arab companies Scents

RIIFFS perfumes

Fans of unique and elegant fragrances will find that RIIFFS imported rural perfumes are very prestigious and have been developed by the best experts in the field of perfumery to form their exquisite fragrances that are the best-selling in the world, these French Arabic perfumes are extracted from the finest ingredients and are distinguished by the good smell.

Rasasi Perfumes

Rasasi Perfumes is a family-owned company in Dubai that was established in 1979 by visionary Abdul Razzaq Kalsikar, who is also the chairman of the company.

Over the course of nearly four decades, the company built a solid foundation for entrepreneurship, creating some of the best and most distinctive perfumes, which established a global reputation for the company in terms of quality, luxury and elegance among international companies, and today Rasasi ranks first among perfume companies in the United Arab Emirates Driven by a global vision.

The oriental and western perfumes of Rasasi have gained wide acceptance and preference among a wide customer base around the world, and the company’s vision is now being implemented by Abdul Razzaq’s six sons to achieve the primary goal of the growth of the company’s brand.

The most beautiful AJMAL – Perfumes


Ajmal Perfumes is proud of the knowledge gained over the years to truly prove itself as the best perfume manufacturer, as the company creates modern perfumes that combine the distinctive touches of Ajmal.

This enables the company to attract the contemporary consumer while at the same time retaining the consumers with an old Arab taste.

Ajmal realizes that your use of well-manufactured perfumes tells people a lot about you and your tastes.

Where Ajmal proudly presents a bouquet of the finest contemporary perfumes with a heart-stopping scent that sparkles from the inside and becomes a reflection of those who use it.

Afnan Perfumes

Afnan Perfumes presents an exciting line of high-quality fragrances that set an example for many of the world’s most exclusive perfumes.

Afnan has bridged the gap between the West and the Middle East by merging perfumes and creative concepts, and by using the finest ingredients sourced from France, all AFNAN perfumes, which consist of oriental perfumes including concentrated perfume oils, perfume sprays, incense, and western perfumes, are manufactured to the highest standards.

Afnan’s success is guaranteed by a creative team of specialists who are distinguished by dedication and commitment.

The company’s policy is to do more for its customers and devote its passion to the pursuit of excellence.

Lattafa premium perfumes

Lattafa is one of the most distinguished companies with a deep sense of elegance, elegance and captivating scents, offering best-in-class perfumes that help men and women cherish their lives every day.

And by diligently learning to satisfy the tastes of many of the company’s customers, Lattafa offers perfumes that are timeless and memorable.

Nabil Perfumes

Nabil Adam Ali, known as Attar, is the founder of NABEEL, where Nabil founded the company in 1969.

Nabil has created a thriving business through hard work, perseverance, and adherence to stringent quality standards, and all this effort has created the largest treasure trove of quality fragrances that men and women alike enjoy.

The “Nabil” brand has developed into a thriving company, thanks to the wise leadership of its founder and the dedicated efforts of the noble team.


Al Haramain has succeeded in winning many perfume lovers all over the world.

And since there is no substitute for high-quality ingredients, Al-Haramain manufactures all perfumes from high-quality ingredients that are obtained from 100% natural sources. Or from the desert of Salalah.

Al-Rehab Perfumes AL REHAB

Since the establishment of Al-Rehab in 1975, the company has taken upon itself the responsibility of providing high-quality perfumes to customers, and the design of Al-Rehab perfumes has been viewed from the point of view of many experts in the company and from the point of view of the customer in order to take into account all tastes, and the company’s motto has always been quality and reasonable prices for all.


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