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What is the thing that lives the first month and dies?

The puzzle, in all its forms, is one of the things that attract others and urges them to think and analyze to find a solution to it, and it also encourages the social aspect as it raises the spirit of cooperation and participation between family and friends, so that everyone is eager to know its solution, and it creates an atmosphere of familiarity, love and laughter among the attendees. So, let’s get acquainted with the meaning of the word puzzle, to be able to solve this confusing mystery, which is: What is the thing that lives at the beginning of the month and dies at the end of it?



Defining the word puzzle in our classical Arabic language

Whereas, in Dr. Marwan Al-Attiyah’s Collector’s Dictionary of Meanings, he defined the riddle as follows:

The riddle in the language

It is (a noun), and its plural: enigmas. As for its meaning: it is what is blinded by speech or is a question or phrase that requires an understanding or an answer.

The person presented riddles, meaning he presented phrases that required logical and mental thinking to reach their solution.

The puzzle in general

It is a vague question that is usually difficult to reach an answer to, and it does not need information to solve it except for mathematical puzzles (arithmetic operations, numbers and numbers) or police puzzles that require an amount of information gathered in order for the person to have complete information to reach a solution and this is what Known as intellectual puzzles.

Kinds of puzzles

The puzzles are divided into two parts:


Or what is known as the puzzle, and it requires general and simple information from the person that does not go beyond what may arise in our daily routine life (such as poetic and funny riddles).

Mathematical puzzles

It is one that requires simple information from principles of mathematics and mathematical operations. It includes (word puzzles – puzzles that require the power of observation, deception and intelligence).

Intellectual puzzles

It is that which requires general and large information such as places and names of people, geographical or legal information, and other information to reach the solution of the puzzle.

There is some general information


Which do not fall under the name of puzzles, but rather are questions of real information, for example: Who invented the light bulb and who is Thomas Edison.

Here we will try to pose a puzzle to find out its solution, and this puzzle is:

What is the first thing, which lives and dies month, etc?

Most people disagreed in solving this mystery, some of them did not know the answer at all, and others began to warn and answer funny things, such as a friend of the father of one of them who comes at the first of every month to take from his father the money he had collected for him in some work and then he was absent until the end of the month, and some of them said that: The plant, if we watered it with water throughout the month, will live, and if we cut off the water from it, it will die at the end of the month. The beginning of the month and it begins to be spent and so on until the end of the month, so that all the money he received ends with what the daily life demands, as it is called a pension meaning that it is composed of (what) and (lived) because it is taken at the beginning of the month and he lives and remains in its spending until the end of the month ends, then it is said he died.

But after thinking and gathering information from here, and after asking many people and referring to more than one source, everyone settled on one answer, which is: the moon, yes it is the moon.

But why the correct answer is the moon?

the moon

To answer this, there is a need for a simple definition of the moon, and through the information that we will present we will reach a clear answer and the reason why we chose the word moon as an answer to the puzzle that we presented.

the moon

The moon is one of the celestial bodies of the solar system, and it is the only natural moon that follows the earth, and it is the second brightest body in the sky after the sun, where you can see it systematically from the earth’s sky, and the moon revolves around the earth in a semi-elliptical orbit, from the west towards the east, which is what It is known as ( the lunar month ) and the rotation of the moon in its axis is not fixed in space.

As for the movement of the moon around the earth, it revolves around the globe until a distance of 384,403 kilometers, and an average speed of 3700 kilometers per hour, as it completes its full rotation every twenty-seven days, seven hours, and forty-three minutes, and then the moon moves from face to face I mean, from Badr to Hilal, it takes 29 days, and this is what explained the mystery that we posed.

Moon shapes

There are many forms of the moon, as the inhabitants of the earth do not see the full moon on all nights, as the moon is a full moon (full rotation) on the fourteenth night of the lunar month, which is the period of time required for the moon’s rotation around the earth, which is about 27 days.

Or that the moon is in the shape of a crescent, as the inhabitants of the globe know when they see the moon that its shape has turned into a crescent, that the new month has begun.

Or that it is impossible to see it as a crescent at the end of the lunar month, so people know that the lunar month has ended to start a new lunar month, and this explains our mystery that the moon lives at the beginning of the month because it appears to the eyes of people and that it dies at the end of the month because the moon is difficult or absent in seeing it last the month.

In the end…

There are many puzzles that draw people to solve them, some of which are known quickly, some of which people warn about answering them, and some of them make mistakes in solving them, or that some people are completely unable to solve and rush to some sources or people in order to find a solution to them.

In all cases, the puzzle remains a beautiful thing that moves the brain to collect information, and it gives joy, pleasure and entertainment among people during nights of summer or winter nights. And remember, never stop asking questions.

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