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Why do we love chocolate?

There is a little fact that will be amazing for you, which is that every ten years or so, adults consume an average of their body weight of chocolate !!! This is absolutely true.



Studies have confirmed that people in the United States consume chocolate annually, in large proportions, and that Switzerland ranks second in terms of people’s consumption of chocolate. So did we ask ourselves why this brown and dark substance deserves so much consumption by people? And what makes us eat a lot of chocolate? Why is it so addictive and delicious?

What is chocolate?

Chocolate is a type of food, derived from the beans of the tropical cocoa tree (thobroma cacao), and much of this tree grows in West Africa, where high temperatures and heavy rainfall provide ideal growing conditions.

The chocolate that you eat is produced from cocoa beans in a multi-stage process.

After harvesting, the pods of the chocolate are allowed to ferment, then they are dried, cleaned, and placed in special containers to produce a paste from them.

This paste is then pressed, to form two ingredients, the first is known as raw chocolate, and the second is cocoa butter.

Come with us in our article, to learn about the types of chocolate, and the most important reasons that make you love chocolate.

Types of chocolates

There are different types:

  • Chocolate made by mixing cocoa powder and butter in small proportions, is light brown in color, and has a strong chocolate flavor.
  • Bitter chocolate, which relies on pure cocoa beans without adding sugar to it, and is preferred by those who follow a diet.
  • Chocolate made with at least 70 percent of raw cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar, and vanilla, is known as dark chocolate, without adding milk to it, and it tastes between bitterness and sweetness together, and it is one of the finest and most expensive types.
  • Chocolate made by mixing cocoa, with milk, or condensed milk, at 50% of each of the two components, and its taste combines the taste of cream and sweetness.
  • White chocolate. It is made from cocoa butter, without adding raw cocoa.

Why do we love chocolate

There is much that can be said to answer the question of why we love chocolate, and here is the most important thing we can say

 Chocolate makes you happy

Everyone who asks you why we love chocolate, tell him that chocolate contains a substance called tryptophan, and it stimulates the chemical in the brain that is useful for the production of the neurotransmitter, called serotonin , or the so-called happiness hormone, which one of its functions is that it controls the mood of a person.

And tryptophan is considered one of the essential amino acids in the human body, as it controls the psychological state, because one of its most important functions is the regulation, secretion, and action of the happiness hormone, or the so-called serotonin hormone, and thus it excludes any effects of depression, anxiety, and sadness, and replaces it with happiness.


Chocolate helps people live longer and this is just a theory, conducted on a number of people, where researchers found that these people had eaten chocolate for a period, lived longer than those who did not eat chocolate, because chocolate has a relationship with antioxidants.

Chocolate is really good for your heart, dark chocolate, in particular, contains chemicals that reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Because dark chocolate contains antioxidants, it makes a difference in cardiovascular health.

Scientists recommend, nowadays, that you have foods that contain chocolate, such as cakes, or biscuits, so that the body gets those chemicals that work to prolong life. Therefore, if you feel tired, you can eat chocolate to support your heart.

Chocolate has soothing chemistry in your body. According to a study by the University of Michigan, chocolate contains chemicals called opiates, which have a role in relieving pain and giving you a feeling of well-being.

So, many people who eat chocolate produce natural opioids in their brains that will calm their nerves and make them feel good.

Chocolate helps a person calm down, relieve anxiety or tension that may affect him, and this is what makes most women eat it during their menstrual cycle.

Chocolate makes us alert. Caffeine in chocolate, especially dark chocolate, can increase our pulse, heart rate, and alertness.

Chocolate also contains phenylethylamine, a chemical that has the effects of increasing brain activity and thus feelings of alertness.

Why do we love chocolate? Because chocolate strengthens love. Women prefer chocolate more often than men, as women usually gift chocolate on many occasions, such as her birthday or Valentine’s Day.

And in our culture, chocolate is believed to be a romantic gift, it is associated with love and romance, and this is another reason why women love chocolate in particular in their depths, because chocolate makes them feel love, care, and romance.

That addicted to chocolate will not be caught. As much as people love chocolate, they become addicted to it and cannot stay away from it, and this addiction does not pose a problem for you with the law with your addiction to this substance.

Chocolate has aphrodisiac properties, this may be true to those ancient myths, which say that women who eat less chocolate every day have more sense of sex than women who do not. Chocolate is a key ingredient for a healthy sex life.

Chocolate is useful for pregnant women and the fetus

By eating chocolate in balanced proportions, a pregnant woman makes her away from complications of pregnancy, such as preeclampsia. And chocolate contains sedatives, and improves the mood, this will transfer from the pregnant mother, to the fetus.

But the question: is chocolate good or bad?

  • Dentists say: “Do not eat a lot of chocolate!” But the chocolate itself is harmless to your teeth, but the problem comes from the sugar levels in chocolate products, which leads to the formation of a sticky substance between the teeth, called plaque, and this substance works to nourish the bacteria in the mouth And between the teeth, which causes tooth decay and gum disease, and the other health implications of eating chocolate are still unclear.
  • Some studies indicate that eating moderate amounts of chocolate can help lower blood pressure, while others indicate that high levels of saturated fats in chocolate products can increase blood cholesterol and increase the risk of heart disease. .
  • And since chocolate contains a lot of sugar, this increases the calories.
  • One study showed that chocolate can reduce bone density and bone strength, and this causes osteoporosis.
  • It may cause constipation for some, due to the presence of caffeine in it, which in turn causes a decrease in the amount of water in the intestine, and consequently, constipation.
  • Eating chocolate may increase the symptoms of allergic skin.


Why do we love chocolate? There are many reasons we love it:

  • The first reason is its delicious taste, melting in the mouth, and the wonderful taste that makes us close our eyes, as we eat chocolate, as if we are in a magical world.
  • Perhaps the main reason is our attempt to restore the taste, and the strong feeling that we had when the first food we ate when we were young, which is our mothers’ milk.


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